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Preparation of Draft Annual Plan (2014-15) Proposal (Downloads - Letter , Formats


Annual Plan 2013-14 : Plan size for Annual Plan 2013-14 was finalized at Rs.3650 Crore in the meeting held on 25th April, 2013 in Planning Commission. The Plan size of Rs.3650 crore includes Rs.450 crore under SPA, Rs.800 crore under SCA, Rs.44.82 crore under NEC, Rs.94.63 crores under NLCPR and Rs.1343.13 crore under scheme-wise ACA. There is provision of Rs.150 crore under EAP.

Sectoral Allocation of Rs.3650 crore under AP 2013-14, highest emphasis is accorded to Social Services sector with an allocation of Rs.978.14 crore (26.80 %) followed by Irrigation & Flood Control sector with Rs.948.70 crore (25.99 %) and General Economic Services with Rs.685.63 crore (18.78 %). The allocation of Rs.685.63 crore (18.78 %) made for General Economic Service include provision of Rs.44.82 crore under NEC, Rs.94.63 crore under NLCPR and Rs.315 crore kept un-allocated to meet recource gap.

Preparation of Draft Annual Plan 2014-15


Sectoral / Sub-Sectoral Allocation of Rs.3650 crore for AP 2013 - 14 <DOWNLOAD HERE>
Draft Annual Plan 2013-14 proposal (Plan Document) Download pdf
Revised Estimates / Sectoral Allocation for AP 2012-13 <DOWNLOAD HERE>
Sectoral /Sub-Sectoral Allocation of Rs.3210 Cr for AP 2011-12 of Manipur <DOWNLOAD HERE >
Revised Estimates / Sectoral Allocation for AP 2011-12 for Manipur <DOWNLOAD HERE>

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