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Nested deep within a lush green corner of North East India is the little Shangrila called Manipur - "A JEWELED LAND" with a total area of 22,327 Sq. Km. Out of which nine - tenth constitutes the hills surrounding the valley. Lying between 23.80 to 25.68 latitude and 93.03 to 94.78 Longitude it is bordered by Nagaland on the North, Assam on the West and Mizoram on the South and along the East it shares a 398 km long international boundary with Myanmar the range of temperature in the State is ) to 36 and the climate varies from tropical to sub-tropical in valley area and semi-temperature in higher altitude areas.

Manipur is inhabited by three major ethnic group - the Meiteis including Meitei Mushlim in the valley and the Nagas and the Kuki-Chin-Mizo tribes in the hills. Peoples are predominantly Mongoloid, and speak Tibeto-Burmese languages. Manipuri is the lingua franca of the State and English is the Official Language.

Manipur has a population of 22.94 lakhs (2001 Census). Of the total population, 58.9% live in the valley area and the remaining 41.1& are in the hill areas.

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