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State Planning Board : At the State level, there is an advisory body known as State Planning Board with Chief Minister as Chairman and an elected member of the Legislative Assembly as Deputy Chairman. Principal Secretary (Planning) works as Member-Secretary of the State Planning Board. The State Planning Board is yet to be reconstituted. The State Planning Board which will be advisory in nature, is charged with the following responsibilities:

(i)    To determine Plan priorities of the State in the light of National Objectives.

(ii)   To assist the State Government in the formulation of the Five Year Plans and Annual Plans
        including NEC and NLCPR funded projects and evolve a long term and short term strategy
        (Five Year Plan) for planned development.

(iii)  To suggest policies and programmes for removing the imbalances prevailing in various
        district/regions in the State and to assist in the formulation of the district plans/Area Plan.

(iv)  To suggest strategies so as to reduce the dependence on government for maintenance of
        assets and services.

(v)  To identify factors which are tending to retard socio-economic development and determine
       the conditions which are required for successful implementation of the plan.

(vi) To devise effective mechanism for monitoring and review of plan and also recommend
      such adjustments in policies and strategies.

(vii) To advise on the problem of unemployment and suggest ways and means for tackling them.

(viii) To advise on such other matters connected with the economic development as may be
        assigned by the State Government.

(ix)  To highlight difficulties being faced in the implementation of the plan schemes at district level
       and suggestions to overcome them.

Programme Implementation Committee : In addition to this, there is also a Programme Implementation Committee to be headed by an elected member of Legislative Assembly as Chairman to review the progress of implementation of important plan schemes/project in Manipur. The Programme Implementation Committee is clothed with the following responsibilities:


(i) To review the progress of implementation of the major plan schemes/projects.


(ii) To review the progress of implementation of Twenty Point Programme.


(iii) To review the implementation of earmarked sectors including EAP.


(iv) To make critical appraisal of ongoing programmes leading to a determination of the extent to

      which some of the identified ongoing schemes/projects would need to be continued..




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