Planning Department


Special Plan Assistance (SPA)


The State Government has been receiving substantial funds since 2004-05 under SPA for funding important projects which are of specific priority nature to State Govt. Funds received under SPA are used to meet infrastructure gap in the state under SPA, projects relating to infrastructure development & employment generation scheme viz Roads & Bridges, PAB, Health, Flood Control, School Education, Higher Education, Water Supply, Art & Culture, Sports, etc are taken up in the State:

A: Important development works taken up under Special Plan Assistance :

1. Construction of State Capital project (Rs.434.06 Crs);
2. Construction of Mini-Sectt Complex (Rs.260.00 Crs);
3. School Education (Setting up Residential Schools hill districts) (Rs.33.00 Crs) ;
4. Education (Upgradation of infrastructure of 11 higher secondary school in hill and valley district) (Rs.33.00 Crs) ;
5. Upgradation of science and maths education in hill districts (Rs.3.00 Cr) ;
6. Setting up Higher Secondary schools at Senapati and Ukhrul district (Rs.5.00 Cr);
7. Technical Education (Acquisition of 300 acres of land for establishment of National Institute of Technology) (Rs.25.00 Cr) ;
8. MAHUD (Development of Urban Infrastructure in Hill Areas) (Rs.24.00 Cr) ;
9. Setting up FCI godowns in Churachandpur, Tamenglong, Chandel and Parbung (CCPUR) ;
10. Home (Construction of Police Buildings/Housing) (Rs.101 Crs);
11. Power (Renovation & modernization of 132/33 KV Sub- Station at Yurembam) (Rs.25.83 Crs) ;
12. Upgradation of infrastructure of JNIMS (Rs.434.06 Crs);
13. Science & Technology (Upgradation of I.T. Park infrastructure in Mantripukhri, Imphal) (Rs.31.00 Crs) ;
14. Construction of Bishnupur District Hospital (Rs.7.08 Crs) ;
15. Construction of Churachandpur District Hospital (Rs.9.00 Cr) ;

B : In addition, few important projects are also taken up/being taken up under SPA (indicated the estimated cost). :

1. Conservation and Management of Loktak Lake & its associated lake – Rs.373.99 crore
2. Construction of Guest Houses at Hill and remote areas – Rs.24.35 crore
3. Construction of Training Centre at Jiribam - Rs.18.60 crore.
4. Improvement & construction of secured housing - Rs.4 crore.
5. Construction of Sports Complex at Thoubal, Chandel, Senapati and Jiribam – Rs.75.50 crore
6. Construction of 132 KV S/C line (second circuit) from Yurembam to Yaingangpokpi - Rs.25 crore
7. Construction of 132/33 KV S/C S/S at ukhrul & its associated line - Rs.38.22 crore
8. Upgradation of infrastructure of Jails in Manipur - Rs.6 crore
9. Upgradation of infrastructure of fire Services in Manipur - Rs.5 crore
10. Completion of incomplete works of APDRP in greater Imphal - Rs.58crore
11. Sewerage Project Phase-I for Imphal city - Rs.107 crore
12. To provide road connectivity in remote rural and hill areas including valley district – Rs.150 crore.
13. Construction of city convention centre - Rs.19 crore

C : The following are some of the projects completed/ being completed.

1. Construction of Tribal Market, Tribal hostel – Rs.7.31 crores.
2. Flood Control programme in valley districts and anti-erosion scheme in hill areas – Rs.80 crores.
3. Employment Generation Programme for educated youths of Manipur – Rs.150 crores.
4. Conversion of Manipur University into Central University – Rs.75 crores.
5. Compensation for acquiring land for NIT and other periphery activities – Rs.25 crores.
6. Upgradation of infrastructure of Govt colleges – Rs.30 crores.
7. Upgradation of infrastructure of schools – Rs.15 crores.
8. Setting up residential schools in all the blocks of hill districts- Rs.33 crores.
9. Upgradation of infrastructure of 11 higher secondary school in hill and valley districts – Rs.30 crores.
10. Construction of food park – Rs.7.26 crores.
11. Restoration/upgradation of Kangla Fort – Rs.15 crores.
12. Upgradation of IT Park at Mantripukhri – Rs.20 crores
13. Upgradation of urban infrastructure in hill districts – Rs.24 crores.
14. Construction of ITI at Ukhrul and Jiribam – Rs.8.50 crores.
15. Upgradation of science and maths education in hill district – Rs.5 crores.
16. Upgradation of distribution network in both hill and valley – Rs.48 crores
17. Modernisation and strengthening of Government Polytechnic. – Rs.3 crores
18. Construction of FCS godown at Senapati, Chandel, Tamenglong, Parbung, CCpur- Rs.20 crores.
19. Upgradation of Inter State Bus Terminus at Khumanlampak – Rs.10 crores
20. Upgradation of Bus Terminus at Jiribam – Rs.4.79 crores.
21. Construction of IMA Market – Rs.
22. Construction of Thoubal market (Phase-A & B) – Rs.
23. Construction of auditorium of MFDC – Rs.14.44 crore

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