Planning Department


Who's who

Sl No. Name of Employees Designation
1 N. Kulkarani Devi Director
2 Dr. R.K. Radhesana Devi Joint Director
3 Moirangthem Bobby Singh Senior Finance Officer
4 Dr. R.K. Tombisana Singh Research Officer (State Hd Qtr)
5 Mimi Vaiphei Research Officer / DDO (State Hd Qtr)
6 H. Homendro Singh Research Officer (State Hd Qtr)
7 Nemneikim Chongloi Research Assistant (State Hd Qtr)
8 Y. Binoykumar Singh Research Assistant (State Hd Qtr)
9 Y. Rajendra Singh Liaison Officer (State Hd Qtr)
10 R. Poupan Rongmei Research Assistant (State Hd Qtr)
11 Th. lbochou Sinqh Research Assistant (State Hd Qtr)
12 Ng. Jetinder Singh Research Assistant (State Hd Qtr)
13 W. Ratan Singh Assistant Private Secretary
14 S. Shandhyarani Devi Assistant Private Secretary
15 Betty Luikham Assistant Private Secretary
16 Th. Ramhoi Chothe Assistant Private Secretary
17 Gaithaolinliu Gonmei Assistant Private Secretary
18 O. Aruna Devi Assistant Private Secretary
19 Jajo Shimray Philawon Superintendant
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